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Fishing Wild comes to Oscorp

Once in a while a series comes along which transcends its target audience.

“Fishing Wild” is just such a series. It showcases exotic locations, stunning footage and takes viewers to remote locations while the expert presenter chases the world’s most sought after sports fish. From little known A Bomb islands, to breathtaking Brazil… to the formidable Zambesi Tigers, “Fishing Wild” takes the armchair viewer to places most of us will only ever dream about.

The fascinating and compelling first television series is now available. for broadcast and DVD sales. All rights in all categories are available. Series 2 is in post production. Series 3 is being filmed as you read this. Colin Roberts is somewhere in the wilds of New Guinea in some of the most inaccessible regions of our globe.

"Fishing Wild" is also available as a magazine and features stunning images from the television series. The magazine is now reaching an international audience.

We invite you to go further into our website and discover the excellent range of merchandise associated with this most amazing production. Contact us to see if your territory is still available.

Series One (completed) : 13 x 25 minutes - SD 4x3
Series Two (currently in post production) : 12 x 25 minutes - HD 16x9
Series Three: (currently filming): TBA

Rights are available immediately. To see a brief teaser of the content, please click here to visit our Television Section.

Interested? Contact Oscorp’s Licensing team.

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