Fishing Wild
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"Fishing Wild" started as an adventure-fishing, travel and outdoor photography magazine, written and published by one of Australia’s leading underwater and landscape photographers. Since then the project has grown to include an informative and entertaining television series and a range of associated merchandise.

The Fishing Wild television series (called "Fishing for Wild Images" in the UK) takes its readers and viewers on a detailed exploration of the world’s wildest and most remote fishing locations, from North Africa, Alaska and Canada, to Papua New Guinea, the Amazon Basin, Seychelles, Argentina and the depths of the Australian Outback

Fishing Wild searches the globe for the most inaccessible, unspoilt, exciting fishing locations imaginable - and for the world’s most exotic and sought-after species of sports fish.

Fishing Wild apparel is an eye-catching and distinctive brand with loads of consumer appeal. Featuring amazing photography from the magazine and television series, it reflects the essencial worldwide appeal of fishing as both an adventure sport and a relaxing pastime.

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