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Reality Rides Season 3 Completed
13 January 2013
Oscorp Entertainment is proud to announce that Season 3 of Reality Rides has now been completed and is available for license. Reality Rides follows the ups and downs of classic car restoration, with each series being centred around the complete restoration of a single vehicle. Unlike other car restoration series, Reality Rides focusses on the cars themselves, taking you on an in-depth journey through every step in the restoration process. (...) Read more »
Reality Rides Season 3 Coming Soon
24 April 2012
Oscorp is proud to announce that its highly popular motoring series Reality Rides, is coming back for a third season. Reality Rides takes the viewer on a detailed journey through the process of classic car restoration and customisation. We see the car be broken down into its individual parts, with every single component being inspected for wear and tear, down to its last nuts and bolts. Then Carl and his team painstakingly turn these pile (...) Read more »
Reality Rides Series 2 Completed
17 April 2012
Oscorp are proud to announce that series two of its highly popular television series REALITY RIDES has been completed and is available for license. REALITY RIDES takes viewers on a fascinating and informative trip through the process of professional classic car restoration. Each series focuses on a different restoration or customisation project and is shot in native 1080HD In series two, Carl and his team are commissioned to rebuild a (...) Read more »
Airshow goes to Benelux
19 January 2012
Oscorp Entertainment is pleased to announce a new sale of international rights. “Airshow Extreme” is a new 12 x half hour series featuring a in depth look at every angle of the spectacle that is a modern airshow. From heart-pounding, death-defying stunts to in-depth interviews with the pilots themselves, Airshow Extreme has now been sold to the Benelux countries for the first time – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The series (...) Read more »
19 January 2012
Oscorp Entertainment now has the rights to Zen and Zero, an independent, multi award-winning, surfing movie. Zen and Zero is part philosophical journey, part humorous road trip and part hunt for international outlaw Alan Weisbecker. It has been exhibited at numerous film festivals around the world and won many awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. This movie combines outstanding visuals plus entertaining and humorous patter (...) Read more »
Return to Tarawa
20 August 2011
OSCORP is proud to present another quality Documentary to its Library. OSCORP’S CEO announces our latest Documentary addition, Return to Tarawa. In one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, Leon Cooper dodged bombs and bullets as hundreds of soldiers died around him in an effort to capture a tiny Pacific island called Tarawa. Against all odds, Leon survived and vowed never to return to that deadly battlefield... until now. But this (...) Read more »
Wild Spirits
20 August 2011
New Addition at Oscorp: Wild Spirits is 52 episodes covering the biggest most extreme sports events across the planet! From Surfing to Base Jumping, Snowboarding to Motocross this series will be sure to have you on the edge of your seat, including some of the world’s biggest extreme sports stars going head to head in a collection of the most renowned competitions from around the globe. Year: 2010 Duration: 52 x (...) Read more »
17 August 2011
In addition to the world renowned extreme sports action property, “Home Grown Maniacs Series 1”, Oscorp is proud to present four new HGM Special additions titles never seen before, which include footage of legendary FMX champion and current world-record holder Robbie Maddison. The 4 x 60 minute properties feature incredible Special addition footage and previously-unseen clips of leading FMX and extreme sports athletes. "HGM Highlights" (...) Read more »
The Lion of Judah
24 July 2011
The Lion of Judah is a wonderful family feature movie that features a noble message of sacrifice, love and loyalty. Prefect for young children and the young at heart and starring the voice talents of Ernest Borgnine and Michael Madsen, the Lion of Judah is a moving and entertaining story the whole family can enjoy. Running Time: 127 minutes For more information on this property please contact Manuel Correia at (...) Read more »
Safari Track now leads to Oscorp
24 July 2011
Safari Tracks is the popular TV series that takes viewers on location to explore the magnificent and immense world of Africa’s animals – from lions and crocodiles, to giraffes, elephants, and South African penguins. Led by charismatic host ‘Ushaka’, “Safari Tracks” travels to the parched brush lands of the Savanna, through the great Okavango, deep in the greatest wildlife reserves, to the most remote beaches of Madagascar, and beyond. Shot (...) Read more »
21 July 2011
Oscorp Entertainment and A 24 media have sealed a licensing agreement covering all categories. A 24 Media is an African company with an online platform where you can get captivating videos and images delivered on demand. The content includes Movies, Sports, Current Affairs, Nature & Wildlife, Personality Profiles and Documentaries. Oscorp Entertainment’s CEO Malcolm Kell stated that the firm is thrilled to have established such a (...) Read more »
21 July 2011
Oscorp has the rights to a new library of properties The library has a wealth of Movies, documentary, Animation that are of high quality Oscorp’s Licensing Manager, Mr. Manuel Correia, said that he was delighted to add the library to Oscorp’s expanding list of exciting properties. For more information contact Manuel Correia at manuel.correia@oscorpentertainment.com or visit Oscorp’s website at (...) Read more »
The Red Carpet now at Oscorp
20 July 2011
The Red Carpet is an ongoing series of short interviews, movie previews and game trailers, featuring one-on-one interviews with the biggest stars on the planet. Featuring cast comments, interviews, film screeners and behind the scenes footage, Red Carpet is a movie-lover’s dream come true. Running between one and five minutes in length, they are perfect for download to cellphones and tablets or as intersituals run prior to a feature movie. (...) Read more »
27 June 2011
Oscorp Entertainment has secured the rights to a fascinating one hour documentary that highlights Swinging Radio England - one of the original pirate radio stations in the UK in 1966. The sounds of the first ever 24 hour rock and roll station ushered in the Americanization of pop music into Great Britain. SWINGING RADIO ENGLAND reveals the history of this great musical rebellion that will inform and entertain even the most knowledgeable (...) Read more »
Oscorp presents another classic
11 May 2011
Once again Oscorp presents Reality Rides, the series where we do a full bare-bolts restore on classic and antique cars, back for a second season. In Season 2, Carl and his gang of enthusiast mechanics track down and restore a wartime classic - a badly rusted 1942 Dodge Command Car from WWII, which was partially (and badly) modified back in the early 1970’s, since left to decay. Currently in production, Series 2 in HD (...) Read more »
Oscorp Signs Deal With Praxis Comics
30 April 2011
Oscorp Entertainment has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Praxis Comics. Under the terms of the deal, Oscorp now has this outstanding collection of comic titles in all categories. Titles in the collection include Scarlett’s Curse, Sollitaria, Draakie, The Inquisitor, The Divine, The Deja vu Experiment and more. Oscorp is delighted to have such strong, well produced and engaging content, and we look forward to taking (...) Read more »
Brand New HD Content
7 November 2010
Oscorp is proud to introduce to the international marketplace a massive new suite of HD content, comprising both series and one-off documentaries. Below is a list of the titles for the series and specials on offer. Please check the TV/DVD/IPTV section of our website on a regular basis to view upcoming teasers for these properties. All series are available in HD 1080i & HD 1080p. Airshow Extreme - 12 x 30 Crystal Kingdom - 4 x 30 (...) Read more »
HGM Series 2 Coming Soon
20 October 2010
HGM TV and Oscorp Entertainment are proud to present Season Two of Homegrown Maniacs, now in HD. Series two is currently in production, with filming now 50% complete. Featuring HGM’s unique blend of extreme sports action, popular music, lifestyle programming and take-no-prisoners attitude, HGM series two continues to tap into the professional, backyard and underground aspects of extreme sports culture. Please click through to our Sports (...) Read more »
Oscorp Attending BLE 2010
13 September 2010
Brand Licensing, Europe, is fast approaching and Miguel De Abreu, President of Oscorp Entertainment, will be attending. Miguel is looking forward to catching up with old friends and establishing new contacts. The Fair, at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London, runs from 28 to 30 September and is the premiere licensing and merchandising event in Europe. Miguel reports that a number of meetings have already been booked and that Oscorp’s new (...) Read more »
31 August 2010
Oscorp Entertainment will again be a presence at MIPCOM. Miguel De Abreu, President of Oscorp Entertainment, is looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Numerous meetings have already been arranged and Oscorp’s exciting new properties are gathering intense interest. They include: EXPLORATIONS Oscorp is proud to present this high quality documentary series which tells the story of our journey as a species and as (...) Read more »
Pro Wrestling now at Oscorp
18 August 2010
Oscorp continues to add to its impressive range of sports related properties. The latest addition - “Explosive Pro Wrestling” - proves that wrestling is alive and well in Australia! It’s wrestling like you’ve never seen before. Be amazed at the dexterity and fitness of these larger than life characters as they provide non stop entertainment. “Explosive Pro Wrestling” features all the thrilling, action-packed entertainment that wrestling fans (...) Read more »
Oscorp lands Dan Hernandez
6 July 2010
Oscorp Entertainment Pty Ltd is delighted to be able to offer worldwide non-broadcast and merchandising rights to the popular sportfishing series "Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez". Dan Hernandez is a household name in his native California and his television show has been enjoyed by countless American fishermen across the USA for many years. In each episode Dan takes us on a journey through every aspect of fishing, from tackle advice and (...) Read more »
Oscorp picks up Explorations
2 June 2010
Oscorp Entertainment is proud to present a 39 x 1 hour quality series which is more than just another television show. It touches an audience and turns the viewer into an explorer. “Explorations” celebrates the power of the human spirit to unravel some of life’s most intriguing mysteries It asks the hard questions - can we ever become young again; what are the limits to human endurance; why are we attracted to one person and not another? (...) Read more »
Oscorp Moves Into Germany
22 May 2010
Continued business growth and additional opportunities for expansion has led to Oscorp Entertainment launching an additional European office, based in Germany. Our German office’s details are as follows: Oscorp Entertainment - Germany Ahornweg 12 D-21039 Escheburg Phone: + 49 (0) 4152-887 2512 Fax: + 49 (0) 4152-887 2517 Read more »
Oscorp opens new offices
8 May 2010
Due to continued growth, Oscorp Entertainment has now opened up offices in the United Kingdom and the USA. Interested parties are invited to contact the closest office for sales and licensing enquiries, with acquisitions and other enquiries to be directed to our Head Office in Western Australia. Read more »
More exclusive world cup content
8 March 2010
Destination South Africa – DSA10 is the complete and definitive guide to all the teams participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa ™. Without doubt, the Finals in South Africa will be one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year 2010. Now Oscorp Entertainment proudly presents DSA-2010: The Stars to licensors as the perfect companion content to Destination South Africa 2010. Featuring 100 of the world’s best players, (...) Read more »
Oscorp lands World Cup 2010 guide
6 February 2010
Oscorp Entertainment, in association with Popit Promotions is offering “Destination South Africa 2010” for numerous licensing and merchandising opportunities in the lead up to the World Cup and beyond. “Destination South Africa - 2010” is the complete, definitive guide to all the teams participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Now for the first time, "DSA-2010" is being offered on the Popit Disc platform in addition to other (...) Read more »
Oscorp signs Homegrown Maniacs
6 February 2010
Hang on to your crash helmets! Oscorp Entertainment has signed an exclusive deal with the extreme sport production company – Home Grown Maniacs. The series explodes the reality genre with its own unique blend of action sports, music and youth culture. Featuring bone-crunching vision, the series highlights the latest and best backyard action in Freestyle Motocross, Surfing, Skate, BMX, Mountain Bikes, Kite and Wakeboard, in addition to behind (...) Read more »
Fishing Wild comes to Oscorp
15 December 2009
Once in a while a series comes along which transcends its target audience. “Fishing Wild” is just such a series. It showcases exotic locations, stunning footage and takes viewers to remote locations while the expert presenter chases the world’s most sought after sports fish. From little known A Bomb islands, to breathtaking Brazil… to the formidable Zambesi Tigers, “Fishing Wild” takes the armchair viewer to places most of us will only ever dream (...) Read more »
Oscorp Has Moved
10 November 2009
Oscorp has moved its office to a bigger and better location. Our new street address and contact details are: Oscorp Entertainment Pty Ltd 35 Agincourt Drive Willetton Western Australia 6155 Phone: +61 (0) 89310 4619 Fax: +61 (0) 89437 6695 All other contact details remain unchanged. Read more »
Featured Product: Music
14 October 2009
OSCORP ROCKS! Did you know that Oscorp has the rights to a plethora of recorded music and its associated artwork? (A “plethora” means an abundance, a huge amount.) Click on MUSIC and you’ll find the diverse range of Concord music, the charming Marshmallow catalogue, plus Oscorp’s own music recorded to demo level. Contact Oscorp now for the rights to gems such as Bobby Darin Live at the Desert Inn, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson (...) Read more »
Featured Product: Magic Network
14 September 2009
Welcome to the hottest, newest cable TV station. Oscorp Entertainment invites animation companies, licensors and manufacturers to tune in to THE MAGIC NETWORK. We’re seeking partners to join with us in developing this outstanding property. Licenses are available right now in all categories. Meet the magical media fairies and their friends. Together they spread happiness, joy and friendship throughout the world via their magical cable TV (...) Read more »
Featured Product: Retro Classix
18 August 2009
Rand McNally is one of the world’s largest publishing names. Oscorp has the rights to Rand McNally’s huge collection of vintage children’s titles including Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Mother Goose and more - all of them beloved for decades and all of them available for publication and cross-licensing applications. Contact Oscorp’s Licensing department for (...) Read more »
Featured Product: The Crumple Zone
3 August 2009
Welcome to Oscorp Entertainment’s “The Crumple Zone”. It’s a cartoon panel which is being offered to newspapers and magazines worldwide. “The Crumple Zone” is irreverent, sharp, “out there” and makes people smile. “The Crumple Zone” merchandise is available in the form of Tee shirts, greeting cards, coffee mugs, books and key rings. Rights are now available in all categories. For further information contact Licensing Vice President Manuel Correia, (...) Read more »
Guru Wayne Now On DVD
4 June 2009
Wednesday June 3rd saw the release of Oscorp’s DVD movie Guru Wayne - across Australia, New Zealand and regional Pacific Islands - through Distribution Company Ovation/DV1. While this popular dramatic comedy is now available to the local market, there are still licensing opportunities available in many international markets. Potential distributors are invited to contact out Licensing Department, or view a screener, at (...) Read more »
Will Oscorp be at Las Vegas?
24 May 2009
Oscorp Principal, Miguel De Abreu and Licensing Manager, Shannon Woodbury, are at this stage planning to attend the Brand Licensing Fair in Las Vegas in June. However the health issues relating to the Swine Flu outbreak have caused some uncertainty as to the advisability of international travel. At this stage, Oscorp Entertainment will still have a presence at the Brand Licensing Fair. Miguel and Shannon are looking forward to meeting old (...) Read more »
Server Outage
23 April 2009
Oscorp’s Internet servers recently suffered an outage that resulted in all Oscorp emails and web services to be down for a period of 48 hours, from the 21st to the 23rd of April. The fault has since been repaired. All Oscorp emails and the Oscorp web site are now back online. The problem should not reoccur. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have (...) Read more »
New Television Teasers Posted
23 April 2009
More and more product is being added to our website and on a regular basis. For the latest additions, we invite you to click on the TELEVISION section and start browsing. Licenses are available in all categories, but especially for television broadcast or DVD sales. In the second screen you’ll find some really exciting new properties. They’re from the highly acclaimed Nomad Films catalogue. For those seeking quality children’s television (...) Read more »
Oscorp Picks Up a Birdbath
3 March 2009
Oscorp is both proud and delighted to introduce the amazing creations of Horatio T Birdbath to the world market. The work of Horatio T Birdbath is beyond all description. A self-described "gregarious hermit" this amazingly prolific Australian artist creates impossibly-detailed and intricate images of fun, fantasy, warmth and magic that defy any attempt at classification. Delighting both children and adults equally, his work encompasses (...) Read more »
Fine Cotton Ringleader Tells All
25 February 2009
Oscorp Entertainment is delighted to announce that it has acquired exclusive rights to the amazing true story - told for the first time - by the mastermind behind Australia’s most infamous sporting scam. John Patrick Gillespie was the architect of the Fine Cotton horse racing substitution (or “ring-in”) in Queensland in 1984. This intriguing story involves some of Australia’s racing elite. Oscorp has signed up the exclusive rights to the story (...) Read more »
Isla Fisher first role now on DVD
25 February 2009
Isla Fisher - the star of Hollywood blockbusters “Wedding Crashers”, “Scooby Doo” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic” - made her acting debut in the charming children’s TV drama series, “Bay City”. The colourful 13 x half hours series successfully combines the proven elements of children’s drama: action and high adventure - and explores contemporary issues such as the environment, technology and life in a multicultural society. Produced by the (...) Read more »
Oscorp signs with Nomad Films
29 January 2009
Oscorp Entertainment welcomes the signing of a deal with highly respected production house, Nomad Films International. For over 30 years Nomad Films International has been recognized as an international producer of quality productions. Nomad’s extensive experience in all genres of filmmaking includes children’s television drama and documentaries. Oscorp Entertainment’s new acquisitions include a compelling list of films that explore subjects (...) Read more »
Oscorp Signs Distribution Deal with DV1
12 January 2009
DV1 has signed an exclusive Australian / New Zealand DVD distribution license with Oscorp Entertainment for the hilarious Australian feature film, “Guru Wayne”. Starring Jane Turner of Kath and Kim fame, plus a who’s who cast of Australian comedy actors, “Guru Wayne” is sure to get audiences laughing. The film follows the fortunes of Dave, a frustrated Uni student, and Gary his dead-beat, drug dealing mate. In a moment of madness, they dream up (...) Read more »
Welcome to our new site!
12 January 2009
Hello and welcome to Oscorp Entertainment’s new web site. Within this site you’ll find thousands of hours of content from all round the globe and a wealth of licensing opportunities for everything from gift lines and apparel to televised content and contemporary artworks. We have many thousands of hours of content yet to be posted to this site, along with numerous exciting properties in various stages of development. Please check back to the (...) Read more »
Exciting Content Delivery System
2 January 2009
Pop-It Discs® are a fantastic new content-delivery system for licensors, marketers and merchandisers alike. Pop-Its® allow a Mini-CD or Mini-DVD of entertainment content to be bundled with any disposable beverage cup. They work with cold and warm beverages equally well and can hold anything from video games to full-length features. When coupled with Oscorp’s compelling licensed entertainment properties, Pop-Its® can engage, entertain and (...) Read more »
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